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‘I’m just so damned lucky’: Riverhead cop, nearly killed in line-of-duty crash last year, returns to work a happy, grateful man

Riverhead Police Officer Rob Sproston is back — strong, vigorous and just about the happiest guy around. He knows he’s a living, breathing, walking, talking miracle.

The Calverton resident came close — like, a couple of centimeters close — to losing his life last March 31 in a line-of-duty crash as he was responding to a call. The crash left Sproston impaled by a metal pole, which entered the right side of his face and exited from the left. His jaw was destroyed. He had no airway and was aspirating blood. He was gasping for air and struggling to survive.

The young officer doesn’t remember any of it and he counts that among his many blessings. He’s heard about some of what happened from other cops and first responders.

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