Orthognathic Surgery - Mandibular BSSO & Genioplasty
Patient Testimonial

My fear of surgery, especially on my face, was quickly dispelled after meeting Dr. Proothi.

Despite my confidence in Dr. Proothi, I was still anxious on the day of my surgery. However, the staff at the ambulatory surgical center at Stonybrook went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable.

Immediately after the surgery, I felt a significant improvement in my air flow, and my sense of smell was heightened. The change was so drastic, I felt like I had new lungs! My body was no longer under stress, and I was able to heal faster than I expected. Dr. Proothi checked on me during my immediate recovery which made me feel very supported.

Since the surgery, I fall asleep easier, wake up feeling refreshed every single morning, and many of my annoying symptoms have disappeared. I am so grateful to Dr. Proothi for his expertise in airway health and for giving me the gift of longevity. I highly recommend Dr. Proothi and the entire team at Stonybrook for their exceptional care and compassion.


MY STORY (Mandibular Bilateral Sagittal Osteotomy & Genioplasty)
Patient Testimonial

My initial complaint was clicking and popping of my jaw, but I also grind my teeth at night and wake up with a painfully stuck jaw. Chewy meals were painful and tiresome. After bringing my complaint to my dentist in my early 20s he diagnosed me with an anterior open bite and suggested to see an oral surgeon and orthodontist.

I was quickly able to find an orthodontist, but finding an oral surgeon who was able to help me took about two years. I saw 5 oral surgeons before my orthodontist recommended Dr. Proothi, the sixth and final oral surgeon.

Dr. Proothi sensed my frustration and was eager to get my orthognathic surgery journey started, because I had already been held up for over a year due to my search.

He explained how every orthognathic surgery is specialized to each patient, and that for me, I would only need my lower jaw repositioned. Every visit, he patiently answered all mine and my mom’s question’s.

Dr. Proothi called my parents after my surgery to update them on the success of my surgery. The days and weeks after my surgery, Alyssa at the front desk, was very helpful with answering my questions and worries. If I had to go through this process again, I would choose Dr. Proothi a second time.

Now, in my late 20s, with a new jaw, I am so thankful for Dr. Proothi and the care he and his staff has provided me with.



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