Patient Testimonial

“I was going on four years of jaw pain that affected my ability to eat, talk, and sleep. My TMJ negatively impacted my quality of life, and when the physical therapy wasn’t working, I was recommended to pursue acupuncture treatment.

There the licensed acupuncturist became an incredible resource to me as my only effective means of pain management before and after my surgery. My Acupuncturist didn’t always have to needle my face to provide pain relief, but together with Dr. Proothi, I found the dream team for TMJ treatment.

After bouncing around to different dentists who didn’t know how to help me, my acupuncturist recommended that I see Dr. Proothi. He listened to my experience without rushing me or dismissing anything I had to say, clearly offered different treatment options, and guided me through a bilateral joint replacement. I have a list of questions at each appointment, and he makes sure I have every question answered before I leave. Dr. Proothi personally called my husband directly following my surgery to let him know how it went, and he continues to offer the highest quality of service and genuine care as I navigate recovery.

Dr. Proothi’ s entire staff creates an ideal environment to handle difficult diagnoses.

I have an 85-email chain with Jenna Bello, the Nurse and Practice Administrator, who answered so many questions and handled insurance processing and surgery scheduling over the past year. She also connected me with a patient who went through a similar surgery to offer another personal resource to help me prepare for my own surgery.

I’m very thankful to have found care with Dr. Proothi and his staff, and I couldn’t recommend his practice more highly.”


Patient Testimonial

"Hi, My name is Kate, I am here to not just give a review but to give some insight into what I experienced before and after meeting Dr.Proothi and his team! I had started out with my surgery journey in 2020 where I had a previous surgery done by another surgeon that messed me up beyond words and took my life away. My quality of life , my health, and my ability to do things for myself , the ability to be a wife and everything in between ! I felt absolutely beyond hopeless from doctors telling me my pain was in my head , to I need help emotionally. I had been seeing a pain management doctor in hopes to relive my pain not knowing what was truly going on inside my body. He told me about a man that had knowledge, expertise, and enjoyment from helping people like me ! I waited a full year to see Dr.Proothi and my gosh was it worth every single minute! The second I got into see this absolute blessing of a human being I felt heard , accepted appreciated and treated with the utmost respect. I have never felt like that in any type of medical setting (especially when you are in pain ). Dr.Proothi took his time in truly listening to all the pieces of the puzzle of my journey in leading up to sitting in his dental chair. When I was finished for the first time I didn’t feel the feeling of doom of the answer i had always gotten “sorry Kate I don’t know how to help you and don’t know what to tell you , and don’t know who to send you to “ instead I got eyes lit up and answers I was looking for , for several years . Dr. Proothi told me he could fix me and that nothing was in my head and he knew exactly what to do and how to do it ! From that first meeting I knew in my heart of hearts that I was in fact going to be fixed!! He sent me for a MRI of my TMJ joints and BAM ! We had a solution ! I then met him in his office on Stonybrook road where I met the rest of his team and when I say everyone there is exactly a mirror image it’s true. They have all become the biggest support team for me that I never thought possible ! Every single one of them went above and beyond to make you feel welcome, loved and valued!

Next, we then got all the waiting out of the way and my surgery appointments started coming ! I was told everything in detail and the process was clear ! All my questions were answered by Dr. Proothi and his team and my mind was at ease ! That’s a lot for me giving the past experiences I’ve had!! Everything Dr. Proothi tells you to prepare for and to do , it’s for a reason and it will give you the best results! Before I knew it , my surgery day was here, and I got my surgery. Everything was a breeze from the pre surgical to the preoperative room to the recovery room ! I went in with the most pain I’ve ever had, to absolutely nothing! ( of course, surgical discomfort) but my joints I knew were fixed and I felt better!! I was so happy !!! Words couldn’t describe the feeling !!! Dr. Proothi changed my life in more ways than I can truly thank him for. My family and I have gotten life back , I’m able to live life better than I ever thought I could . I never knew a life without pain until now and let me tell you it’s the absolute best feeling ever!!! I’m doing more things now than I ever did !! But the best part is I’m enjoying life now ! This is what living really is !! So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, my family’s heart and everything in between Dr. Proothi for your support, love and expertise in what you choose to do in life! Without you and your team none of this would have been possible! You’re the absolute best !!!"

Kate C.


Specializing in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery